Sassi Studio Arredo was born in the '70's in Scandiano, in the heart of Emilia,  with the experience of Remo Sassi in design  furniture. From that time the Company is distinguished by its ability to make wise custom made furniture  for male and female salons, perfumeries and beauty salons.

In those years, the work focuses on creating products and accessories aimed at the professional hairdresser and pursued research  to create contemporary pieces of furniture that were typical expression of Italian design.

The work carried out in the following decade points to the synthesis of FOR and COLOR, without neglecting to devote the necessary attention to the search for functionality, comfort and reliability. The products begin to acquire technology and innovation, with the intent to perform their primary function over all: being working tools.


The tradition of woodworking resurfaces later and features all the produce that grows in the '90s. This means that the tradition will find new expression in the contemporary times.
The technology and the introduction of innovative products are oriented to the satisfaction of informed and prepared customers.
The great development of the wellness industry allows Sassi Studio Arredo to get noticed in the SPA and BEAUTY design. Primary materials and natural merges are mixed with the most innovative and versatile surfaces, and their  coexistence is able to create scenic effects and decorations of strong emotional impact.
The challenges of the new emerging markets did not affect the brand SASSI.
We continue to aim for excellence and quality  and we continue to choose materials and Italian suppliers, in the knowledge and intent that the roots need to be able to evolve but perpetuating.